Denver is surely the land of plenty spending billions of taxpayer dollars annually to grow the city bureaucracy and covering the living expenses of Biden’s Border Busters from around the globe.

But the establishment media is plenty peeved because no one is mowing all of the dandelions growing wild in city parks.

Denverites would be mistaken if they thought these power pollen plants were permitted to go to seed for the benefit of bees.

That’s right, the offending dandelions are due to budget cuts that have impacted the lawn mowing schedule.

Denver is facing an expected $46 million in budget cuts to offset living expenses for border busters issuing lists of demands for free living conditions, and this is what our media overlords advise us to be concerned about.

Ironically, Denver has lawn care restrictions for residents, who are urged to file complaints on their neighbors by dialing 3-1-1 if they violate city weed rules.

In order to protect the safety, health, and welfare of all residents, city regulations requirethat property owners keep their properties safe and well-maintained. To accomplish this task, Denver has roughly two dozen “zoning and neighborhood inspectors” who handle public education and code enforcement throughout the city’s 155 square miles.

We’re willing to bet that not a single cut has been made to neighborhood enforcement officers who ticket residents for weed violations.

Certainly not for the kind that’s smoked.