Colorado Democrats are once again running bogus ads to promote the Republican candidate they believe is least likely to win in a general election against their progressive candidate.

This time it’s the 3rd Congressional District race and the GOP candidate that Democrat candidates are supporting is Ron Hanks.

The TV ad and mailers deliver backhanded insults that really aims to suggest Hanks has been endorsed by Donald Trump (he has not), and claims Hanks is just too gosh darn Republican to represent the conservative district.

One of the problems Hanks is already contending with, he doesn’t actually live in the 3rd District.

PeakNation™ will recall Democrats pulled the exact same stunt with Hanks when he ran in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate race a couple years ago, but the Democrats’ tactic backfired and Hanks lost the primary.

The Colorado Sun reports:

The ad campaign appears to be an effort by Rocky Mountain Values PAC to advance former state Rep. Ron Hanks to the general election because the group believes he will be easier for the de facto Democratic nominee, former Aspen City Councilman Adam Frisch, to beat in November.

Why would Democrats bankroll a Republican in a tough primary race like the 3rd District that already leans conservative?

They think it’s cheaper to prop up the weakest candidate now, than having to spend millions to tear down a more popular candidate in the general election.

The Democrats’ first TV ad for Hanks cost $84,000.

Rocky Mountain Values is also running ads against GOP frontrunner Jeff Hurd in an attempt to turn Trump voters against the Grand Junction resident.

Hanks told The Sun he didn’t know what the PACs motives were, “I just take it as it comes.”

The PAC does not disclose its funders, it’s what the media refers to as “dark money.”