Republicans in the 4th Congressional District race faced off Thursday in a debate moderated with 9News personality Kyle Clark who has nothing but contempt for the GOP.

Here’s how Clark flaunted his outlandish bias in the show’s opening.

“Colorado Republicans have a choice at their most powerless point since World War II. Is the path back in Colorado aligning themselves completely with newly convicted felon Donald Trump? Or going in a different direction, purging the party of people willing to work across the aisle or being open to compromise. That is the choice for voters in the Republican primary for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. From the suburbs of Douglas County to the eastern plains to Loveland, it’s the safest Republican seat in Colorado’s congressional delegation. The winner of this primary could be the face of the Colorado Republican Party in the years ahead,” Clark said.

What a dick.

For those keeping score, Clark dropped the Democrat’s cherished new talking point for the 2024 election — “convicted felon Donald Trump” — in the first 15 seconds of the broadcast.

Even as Clark accused Republicans of being the ones incapable of operating in a bipartisan manner, it’s important to note that every Republican on that stage kept their guns holstered throughout this mess of a leftist firing squad.

Constant reminder, Lauren Boebert is not the only Republican in the race, she’s just the one hyper-focused on by the mainstream media because they delight in mocking her.

The Republican roster for this race also includes radio host Deborah Flora, state Rep. Richard Holtorf, state Rep. Mike Lynch, Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg and mortgage broker Peter Yu — all of whom live in this congressional district.

Boebert is serving out her term representing the 3rd District either in her district, or having already moved to the 4th District, depending on which media outlet is to be believed.

Boebert was asked if polling paid for by Democrat candidates showing them beating her in the general election and winning the hardcore conservative district worried her and kept her up at night.

It does not, Boebert said.

It should, Flora responded.

“So many of the unaffiliated voters are Republicans who’ve left the party because they’re tired of the ‘purge and purify,’ the drama and the dysfunction, and many also are unaffiliated voters who do not understand — because no one has persuaded them — that our policies are the very things that will solve the issues that keep them up at night,” Flora said, turning to Boebert. “I do think it is vulnerable. I think the day of ‘that will never happen in Colorado’ is long gone.”

As is typical in 9News debates, the questions are often spiteful and mean, and reflect far left obsessions rather than regular voter concerns.

For example, voters care about closing the border to illegal immigration and reforming Biden’s disastrous open asylum policy.

But instead, Clark flamed fears in his question by suggesting a member of Congress has the power to send the military into Douglas County to round up people for mass deportation.

Clark was either willfully misleading voters or just plain ignorant, because the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of the military in regular civil law enforcement and conservatives know that.

For those who missed the debate, watch it here on YouTube.

Drinking game rule, every time Clark shows his contempt for Republicans, take a swig and spew it on the screen.