With school out for the summer, brainwashed students took their temper tantrums for Hamas to a University of Colorado regent’s private residence and disrupted the entire neighborhood with their intimidating antics.

Professional protestors and their prodigies carried signs with the regent’s photograph that said: “Wanted: Callie Rennison for funding the genocide of the Palestinian people.”

The protestors also called for intifada, an uprising against the Israelis, which those who do not get their news or history lessons from TikTok will recall is what started the war; when the Palestinians invaded Israel last year and started killing and kidnapping Jews.

Few media outlets covered the protest on Saturday, which also drew a counter-protest.

Rennison, who by the way is Democrat, said in a statement to CBS News Colorado:

“From the beginning of this protest, the University of Colorado Board of Regents has been committed to our dedication to protecting free speech and has made it clear that protests are allowed as long as they do not violate campus policies and do not disrupt our mission to educate and perform necessary business operations.

As elected officials, we understand that there will be varying opinions on the positions we take as stewards of the university. However, targeting our homes as mine has been, which affects not only me but my family and neighbors, is out of line.”

The 2 p.m. protest was sponsored by the youth branch of the Socialist Party, the Students for a Democratic Society.

Apparently, only three of the protestors were Muslim Palestinians. Or, this was totally staged, as the Muslim prayer time for Saturday was an hour before the protest began.

It was very gracious of the dude with pride proud hairdo to pretend to protect Muslims grabbing a quick prayer, especially since it’s illegal in Gaza to be gay or belong to the alphabet set.

On a similar note, Queers4Palestine turned on their own community and tried to stop a Pride Parade in Philly.

Reports the Daily Mail:

Some donning keffiyehs, other donning leather straps and vests, the pro-Palestinian crowd halted the parade route to scream and yell at members of their own community.


One protest leader, who wore a very short crop top, cargo pants that exposed his undergarments, and a keffiyeh, said to the crowd: ‘Pride as we know it cannot be separated from our current political and economic climate. Pride celebrations have merely become a public relations instrument.’

Admittedly, the protests on American college campuses have been useful propaganda for Hamas terrorist/government leaders who are still holding prisoners they kidnapped during their Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

This is the video that should go viral in Gaza.

Make it happen, PeakNation™.