Donald Trump has endorsed Gabe Evans, a decorated Army helicopter pilot, in the GOP primary for the 8th Congressional District to take on Democrat incumbent Yadira Caraveo.

Evans is the candidate who will grow the economy, lower inflation, defend the border, and promote American energy, Trump said.

Trump’s endorsement comes on the heels of his conviction in a Manhattan courtroom of paying hush money to a porn star so she wouldn’t sell stories about an alleged encounter to a supermarket tabloid.

Now that it’s illegal for someone to be blackmailed, apparently, Democrats are having a field day playing hypocrite and insisting that anyone convicted of a crime should not be allowed to be president.

Never mind that Bill Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House and convicted by the Senate for lying under oath about getting blowjobs from an intern in the Oval Office.

But this blatantly political conviction of Trump and threats of sending a former president to jail backfired wildly on Democrats as Americans sent in a record windfall of more than $140 million in donations in the days after.

Totally bogarting Greg Gutfeld’s take — it’s like Democrats got high and punched Mike Tyson, and now the edibles have worn off.

Democrats have turned Trump into a cult hero — a self-make American success story who was framed by The Man because he makes fun of all the stupid stuff Biden and the Democrats do.

Meanwhile, Republicans have learned their lesson that only Democrats are allowed to protest, riot, burn cities, loot, and try to break through White House gates and security to Peacefully Protest™ inside the president’s bedroom.

Republicans are staying home this time, and writing checks.

But we digress.

Trump’s endorsement of Evans literally trumps Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams’ attempt to decide who gets to run as a Republican against Democrats in Colorado.

PeakNation™ will recall that Williams, who is also doubling as a candidate for Congress representing the 5th Congressional District, has decided the state party should endorse Janak Joshi instead of Evans.

Traditionally, state parties remain neutral in primary races and then back whomever the voters, aka We The People, decide who the nominee should be.

But under Williams’ rule, the state party is telling Republican voters who they can support.

In other news, Williams endorsed himself this week.