Grassroot Republican Party organizations from the local to state levels are collecting checks to send to Trump’s reelection campaign as he also issues fundraising appeals off the verdict of the first political witch hunt trial.

But it turns out not all Republicans who are raking in money using Trump’s name are forwarding it to the presidential campaign, and Trump’s advisors are plenty pissed about it.

They issued a not so subtle warning to the offender through a report in Politico:

Donald Trump’s campaign is sending a blunt message to down ballot Republicans who are looking to fundraise for themselves off of the ex-president’s conviction: Back off.

Who would piggyback off Trump’s name, his likeness, his brand, and pocket the proceeds for themselves?

Turns out it’s Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams, who can’t seem to take a piss anymore without creating a giant shitstorm.

Politico specifically calls out Williams, linking him to Trump’s ire for a recent fundraising pitch that went to Colorado Republicans criticizing the conviction as a “disgrace and mockery of the principles our nation was founded on.”

From Politico:

The message included a red button asking donors to “STAND WITH TRUMP & DAVE.” But after clicking on it, contributors are sent to a landing page in which donations are solely sent to Williams.

Jimmy Sengenberger notes in his latest Gazette column that Williams also defied Trump’s order a second time, claiming donations would go to Trump that instead are going to the state party.

Williams is reportedly using contributions to the state party to fund his own congressional campaign.

Sengenberger writes:

This isn’t the first time Williams disregarded Trump campaign restrictions, either. In 2020, Trump’s Colorado campaign cut ties with Williams for invoking his role as a “Colorado Surrogate for President Trump” while personally endorsing in a legislative primary.


Williams ’latest defiance isn’t just another page in his self-serving playbook; it’s a glaring display of disloyalty and questionable motives — all under the guise of the loyal defender of President Trump. Republican voters are right to ask, if he’ll betray Trump’s trust, might Dave Williams betray theirs?

Coloradans who are outraged by the legal shenanigans against Trump and want to support his campaign would do well to send their money straight to Trump’s campaign instead of relying on a third party’s sales pitch for support.