Colorado’s largest school district is projecting attendance will decline by nearly 6,400 over the next four years and it appears that anti-child policies like abortion and Polis’s housing priorities are to blame.

Even with the windfall of 4,700 youngsters who tagged along with Biden’s Border Busters and enrolled in Denver Public Schools, The Denver Post reports that it won’t make up the difference in declining student numbers.

Nearly 1,000 of those migrant students have already dropped out of school.

The Post reports:

Across Colorado and the U.S., public school districts have emerged from the pandemic to find fewer students in their classrooms because Americans are having fewer babies, meaning there just aren’t as many children as there used to be.

Wow. So, the side effect of promoting abortion, and performing nearly 15,000 abortions in Colorado last year alone, results in fewer  children eventually enrolling in schools.

Who knew?

The Post also blames the building boom of apartments instead of single-family homes for pushing families out of the Denver housing market.

They contend that multi-family housing historically hosts fewer school-aged children.

PeakNation™ will recall that Gov. Polis recently signed legislation into law mandating that 40 housing units be built per acre in major metro areas.

Democrats argued it would make housing more affordable. Who knew it was also anti-child?

We would argue that school numbers are declining because the public school system sucks.

Also, families are fleeing Denver in general because crime is rampant and it’s run by Democrats who are historically incompetent when it comes to maintaining a healthy economy.