LEFT WING LUMINARY: Bwaney Fwank To Fwundwaise For Romanoff in Denver

Barney Frank, the former left-wing Congressman from Massachusetts who had a prostitution ring running out of his DC apartment, is coming to town next month to raise money for perennial political candidate Andrew Romanoff (D-Denver).

A fundraising invitation obtained by Colorado Peak Politics shows Frank is hosting an event in Denver on September 8th for Romanoff’s latest campaign — this time for the 6th Congressional District.

This marks the second controversial Democrat to come to Colorado for Romanoff’s campaign in as many months. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the most hated leader in Congress, was in Denver last week to raise money for Romanoff.

Both Pelosi and Frank represent the left wing of the Democratic Party in Congress and are likely not the image that Romanoff is seeking to present to constituents. We’re sure he’s more than glad to take the dollars from their events, but in a swing district like CD6, Romanoff better hope voters don’t see him in the same vein.

It’s also worth noting the event is in Denver — which is not in CD6 — as Romanoff has struggled to figure out where exactly he’s campaigning this time around. Last month, he was caught publishing pictures on Facebook that he alleged were with “constituents”, when, in fact, they were from his 2010 Senate run, including one picture taken in front of The Denver Post building on Colfax. CD6 is based in Aurora.

You can see the full fundraising invite after the jump.



LOST: Andrew Romanoff Confuses Denver For Aurora, 2010 for 2013

UPDATE: Romanoff has taken down the pictures of him meeting with his “constituents” in Denver

Former State House Speaker and failed U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff (D-Denver) has run for so many offices in the last few years it appears he’s lost his bearings.

The current 6th Congressional District candidate earlier today posted an album of pictures on his campaign Facebook page entitled “Visiting with Constituents.”

Only they’re not pictures from his 2013 run for Congress, but rather his 2010 run for U.S. Senate and include a picture of him meeting with people in Denver. The 6th CD is based in Aurora.

A few dead giveaways:

He’s wearing his U.S. Senate campaign t-shirt.

His “constituents” are wearing his U.S. Senate campaign gear:



WHY PACE HATES PEAK: First Google Auto Suggest Result For Sal Pace Is “Sal Pace Criminal Record”

If you're a regular reader of this site you know liberals hate us. Loathe us. Despise our very existence. That's because we're bringing the fight to where liberals have long reigned in Colorado — the internets. No longer. Democrat Congressional candidate and State Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination) illustrates exactly how much impact we're having.

When you type in "Sal Pace" in a Google search the first thing Google suggests is "sal pace criminal record." See the image below for the damage done in all its glory:

If you're not familiar with the story, last September we at Colorado Peak Politics broke the news that Pace had a long and embarrassing criminal record that invited comparisons to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. 

What we turned up in our investigation turned out to be far more than the arrests in college turned up by The Denver Post in 2010 when he was running for a safe State House seat in Pueblo.

We found not one, but two(!), arrests for public urination, including a time when Pace was arrested on 700 E. Colfax for public urination — mere blocks from the Capitol where Pace was working as a legislative staffer at the time.

From felony burglary to bench warrants for his arrest, Pace didn't exactly have the record most candidates like to run on in competitive Congressional elections.

Now, it seems, the internet has picked up with our reporting and run with it, even as the mainstream media has still refused to report on it.

With increasing amounts of Coloradans voting by mail, and usually Googling candidates names before making their selection, Pace must really hate the Peak right about now. We wouldn't have it any other way.  


STRYKER ON THE STAND? Congress To Investigate Abound Solar Loan

Bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Abound Solar's troubles are about to get a whole lot worse. The Washington Examiner is reporting that U.S. House investigators are asking executives and former executives of Abound Solar to testify before Congress regarding its $400 million taxpayer-backed loan.

Reports The Examiner:

The House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending invited the Abound Solar CEO and former CEO to testify, along with some Energy Department officials after the company announced it is filing for bankruptcy, despite drawing about $70 million of the $400 million available from the DOE loan guarantee.

The bankruptcy announcement comes after Abound laid off 280 employees in March. The DOE loan guarantee was projected to create 1200 permanent jobs.  

As in the case of Solyndra, which declared bankruptcy last year, a bundler for President Obama’s campaign has a financial stake in the solar company.  

Bohemian Companies, founded by Democratic mega-donor Pat Stryker, invested in Abound Solar in 2008. A year after the investment, but a year before Abound received a loan guarantee, Stryker apparently visited the White House.  “The White House did not confirm that the visitor was the Pat Stryker in question and did not provide details about the meeting,” the Sunlight Foundation reported.

Stryker has still not confirmed publicly that she met with the White House, or what might have been discussed. Now that Congress is investigating the defunct deal, it’s something worth unraveling.

As Todd Shepherd has exhaustively reported, Abound Solar had major problems before they got the loan, leading many to question how political connections helped the ailing company secure the loan.

If Congress is looking for a suggestion of people to subpoena, we might also suggest former one-term Governor Bill Ritter. According to The Denver Post, Ritter "hand delivered two letters of support" for Abound Solar directly to Obama's Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu. After Ritter left office, Stryker's Bohemian Companies helped fund a $300,000 salary for Ritter at a new renewable energy center at CSU.

The more that comes out about Abound Solar the more it reeks of pay-to-play. It sure would be nice to put Pat Stryker and Bill Ritter under oath to find out exactly how taxpayers were put in a position to cover a $400 million loan to a politically connected company.  

(Photo Credit: NREL)


QUESTION: Is Allison Sherry The Worst Reporter…In The World?

After a steady drumbeat of stories about the unbearable and undeniable liberal bias of Denver Post reporter Allison Sherry, we decided to take it easy on the political scribe. Maybe she would sense how much conservative readers despised the Democrat talking points she regurgitated as news and try to develop a more balanced perspective. Unfortunately, her last two articles have been so atrocious that we felt the need to pipe up again.

The first, a full print edition article about GOP Congressman Scott Tipton's staff announcing a town hall in part of the new 3rd district, hammers Tipton for the exact same thing as Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter has done, except Tipton's staff announced the event on a website and Perlmutter had Congressman Polis use taxpayer dollars to send thousands of dollars worth of mail to announce his. 

Yet that goes completely unmentioned in Sherry's telling. It instead reads more like a DCCC press release, not a balanced news story. 

We're not going to sit here and defend Tipton's mistake. It was dumb and he should take the hit for it. 

What annoys us to no end is Sherry is allowed to publish her piece that contains no journalistic integrity. 

She spends her entire print edition article going on and on about an event on a website and only includes this little blurb about the Perlmutter/Polis event:

Rep. Jared Polis of Boulder invited fellow Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Jefferson County to a town-hall event in what will be part of Perlmutter's new district.

Ummm…Allison, are you forgetting something?  Polis used franked mail, at taxpayer expense, to invite all of Perlmutter's new constituents to an event with Perlmutter. That is abusing taxpayer dollars for a political campaign. No expense was incurred in relation to Tipton's staff mistake — your article even says so.

But what readers of The Denver Post take away from the article is Tipton broke a House ethics rule.   Sherry also "forgets" to mention that Joe Miklosi used an official public office website to make mention of his own Congressional campaign this week, a violation of State House rules. We guess there was no interest in "dirtying" up the clean hit on Tipton with that useful and relevant information.  

The second iteration of Sherry outright shilling for Democrats comes in a "Beltway Blog" today, a series we like to refer to as the DNC press release publishing service.

The title of the post? [Obama's]"Interior Department: Reps. Cory Gardner and Doug Lamborn are wrong." In the piece she literally just repeats what the Obama administration says, and doesn't even bother getting responses from Lamborn or Gardner.

The article is ostensibly about whether oil and gas production has fallen on federal lands or not. Considering that, it might be worth looking at the issue from a Colorado or Western perspective. Well, there just so happens to be a formal study done on that exact topic! So of course Sherry mentioned the results from that study, right?


The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently published a study showing oil and gas leases, wells and permits on federal lands in the West are down by 40% comparing 2007-8 to 2009-10. 

A recent National Journal look at this issue pointed out Obama can’t take credit for the increase nationally because it wasn’t his policies that caused it. In fact, leases are how you look at analyzing Presidents’ impact on oil and gas production on federal lands. From the National Journal:

He doesn’t want to admit it, but President Obama is taking credit for something George W. Bush did.

The White House is touting federal data that shows domestic oil production is at its highest level since 2003. In a blog post last week, Obama’s top climate and energy aide, Heather Zichal, points to Energy Information Administration data that shows oil production from the Outer Continental Shelf (which basically means the Gulf of Mexico) has increased by more than a third between 2008 and 2010.

EIA Administrator Richard Newell says it takes several years for any major federal policy action — such as issuing leases — to affect domestic oil production.

Allison: It's fine to report the Obama administration said Lamborn and Gardner are wrong. But you might want to get their responses before you serve as a conduit for the Obama campaign's message. Reporters also like to spruce up he said, she said pieces with outside studies and information. You know, like reports on the exact topic the political spat is about.

We're getting mighty tired of seeing the state's flagship newspaper used as an extension of the Democrats' political machine. 

With the sad passing of conservative giant Andrew Breitbart yesterday, we felt the urge to live up to his example and call the media out for blinding bias and unacceptable journalism. 

If Breitbart taught us anything, it's that sitting around and hoping bad reporters will change does no good. You have to speak up. Loudly.


DITCHING DIFFICULT DUTY: Congressional Candidate Sal Pace Dodging Oil And Gas Issues

Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post picked up on an important theme in today's dead wood edition, looking at state Representative and Congressional candidate Sal Pace's (D-Urination) multiple absences from his taxpayer funded day job at the state Capitol. This right wing digital rag even earned a mention for our criticism of Pace's absence.

Ditching votes and avoiding tough issues is becoming a trend for Pace, who has to figure out a way to placate his left wing enviro base and not screw the oil and gas industry, which employs much of the 3rd Congressional district's voters. 

Rather than pick a side in the enviro vs. oil and gas divide this week, Pace decided to avoid the issue altogether and skip the vote in favor of a campaign fundraiser.

Reports Bartels:

Republicans blistered state Rep. Sal Pace for missing an oil-and-gas vote this week, saying he's more interested in campaigning for Congress than representing his constituents.  

…Pace left the Local Government Committee Monday to attend a fundraiser in Edwards, an event he said he had RSVP'd to more than six weeks ago.

…Pace pointed out his vote wouldn't have changed the outcome, but the conservative blog ColoradoPeakPolitics took the Democrat to task.  

"Rep. Pace: Was this an unimportant vote?" the blog asked.  

Chuck Poplstein, executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, said Pace likely benefited from his absence.  

"Skipping a vote on oil-and-gas allowed Pace to save face with two important but conflicting entities in his district: environmentalists and the oil-and-gas interests," Poplstein said.

Chuck has it exactly right. Pace is still trying to figure out how to thread the needle between standing against energy development, as environmentalists want, and creating jobs through tapping into Colorado's expansive energy reserves.

Let's make it easy for you, Sal. You can't. 

Governor Hickenlooper has tried to balance enviros against oil and gas, but mostly he's earned the enmity of environmentalists. He even bragged to Politico about annoying and "irritating" environmentalists in Colorado. 

Ditching votes to avoid the difficult duty of picking sides isn't earning Pace any plaudits from either side.

Not only is Pace avoiding policy positions, but he's been avoiding the job he was hired to do by the people of Pueblo altogether. This week marks the second time the state's flagship newspaper has called him out for skipping votes to attend campaign fundraisers.

In January, Pace missed two days of votes in the House to attend Barack Obama's State of the Union and raise money from DC lobbyists. 

We know Pace badly wants to be a Member of Congress, but voters don't generally promote politicians who are failing in their current duties. Showing up and picking sides is half the battle in politics. In that regard, Pace has a long way to go before he can start measuring the drapes for his Capitol Hill office. 


MORE ETHICS PROBLEMS FOR HANEY: Colorado GOP Files Complaint Over Election Law Violation

As a candidate for Congress whose only notable attribute is having your medical license restricted for "excessive use of massage," it would probably be best to make sure your Congressional campaign isn't beset by violations of election law from the get-go. Dr. Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney apparently sees things differently.

Today the Colorado GOP sent a Valentine's Day love note to Haney in the form of a complaint requesting a FEC investigation into his violation of campaign law. (read the complaint here)

Haney has been campaigning like a candidate for Congress for nearly half a year now, yet only filed his candidacy papers on October 27, 2011, allowing him to avoid disclosing his finances until January 31, 2012.

Election law is pretty clear about that not being okay. From the law:

Once an individual engages in campaign activity, if he or she has raised or spent more than $5,000, the individual must register as a candidate with the FEC. Campaign activities include raising funds in excess of what could reasonably be expected to be used for exploratory activities, undertaking activities designed to amass campaign funds that would be spent after he or she becomes a candidate, or making statements that refer to the individual as a candidate. 11 CFR § 100.72. In addition, if the name of an individual’s testing the waters committee indicates that the candidate has already decided to run for congress, this is also considered campaign activity.  See Advisory Opinion 1981-32.

Haney's website PerryHaneyforCongress.com shows its first blog post on June 28, 2011, meaning that Haney cast himself as a Congressional candidate for four months before filing his paperwork. Additionally, his campaign FB page "Perry Haney for Congress" was created in June and contains many postings before October 27 that can only be construed as that of a Congressional candidate, like this one:

Hiding your finances from the public for seven months doesn't strike us as transparency.

Haney's FEC filing shows he gave his own campaign $1,000 on June 6, $50,000 on July 19, and another $50,000 on September 30, all before his filed his official candidacy. The report also shows a $400 donation to Perry Haney for Congress on Sept 2, nearly two months before that campaign committee existed.

Seems to us that hefty hunk of change is way over acceptable limits for merely exploring a run. Haney himself refers to his campaign for Congress on Facebook as far back as July 2011. 

Furthermore, Haney spent serious money on multiple consultants/staffers for months before filing as a candidate, making it pretty obvious to all but the densest observers that he was, in fact, a candidate for Congress.

This could be a serious problem for Haney. It seems pretty clear that he flagrantly and repeatedly violated federal election law for months. While the FEC is not known for its ability to deal with enforcing its laws, such an obvious violation won't go unnoticed either now that the GOP has filed a formal complaint. 

This is just the latest in a string of embarrassments emanating from the Haney for Congress troupe.

Haney's original mailing address was listed as a PO Box in Grand Junction, as he was contemplating running in CD3. When he did file for the CD6 race, he filed from Lone Tree, which is now part of CD4. Oops.

Haney's only FEC report was riddled with errors when it was filed, neglecting to note the occupation and employer of almost all of his donors over $200, as required by law. His report also showed $26,000 in payments to an opposition research firm — all before becoming a candidate.

Folks, this looks like an open and shut case of election law violation to us.

And an open and shut case of an amateur run campaign operating on no more than the ambition and personal bank account of a man who should probably spend more time tending to his medical license. 


TEMPER, TEMPER: Sal Pace’s Inability To Control Himself Will Kill His Congressional Campaign

State Rep and CD3 Congressional candidate Sal Pace (D-Urination) lost control of himself last week, again. Readers of this site are well aware of Pace's struggles with controlling basic bodily functions, but last week it wasn't his bladder, but his temper. In attempting to argue for half a million dollars to create an unnecessary parking lot in his district, Pace lost control and started shouting at his opponents from the state House floor.

WhoSaidYouSaid has the video here. Pace's temper starts to flare at 1:43:

As Representative Gerou (R-Evergreen) helpfully points out before Pace loses his mind, the building Pace is hopping mad to see razed into a parking lot isn't even on the list of local priorities for the next five years, according to the state architect.

Rep. Gerou might know something about building management, considering she is an award winning architect herself. 

You see, Pace is getting all riled up because the State Fair people wanted the extra parking space and the same State Fair bigwigs can be very helpful to Pace's other day job, running for Congress in the the 3rd CD.

Now razing a building to create a parking lot isn't going to create a whole lot of jobs, but it will help Pace cozy up to some wealthy patrons for his next potential job.

In then end, though, it won’t matter how many political patrons he does favors for if he can’t control himself in public. Because speeches like this end up looking really bad in opposition attack ads.  


SHAFFER FOLDS: After Pressure From Left, Senate President Backs Off CD6 Race

Senate President Brandon Shaffer has ended his CD6 striptease. After weeks of speculation, which began on this blog in December, Shaffer has formally announced he won't be running in the more competitive CD6, and instead will stay in the impossible-to-win CD4 race.

Shaffer's announcement that he will stick with CD4 brings to an end a long stretch of brutal and damaging process stories that undermined the current CD6 candidates and exposed Shaffer as a politician more concerned with his own ambition than representing a specific community in Congress.

Days after calling the Peak a liar in an interview with the Colorado Statesman regarding our reporting that he was looking at CD6, The Denver Post reported Shaffer was polling in CD6. News that Shaffer was looking at moving races was not met kindly by current CD6 candidate, Democrat state Rep. Joe Miklosi (D-Denver), whose campaign pushed back hard against Shaffer's potential entry. 

Miklosi's campaign consultant, Steve Welchert, even went so far as to invoke Shaffer's wife and kids as a reason to not move races. 

Shaffer's race jumping adventure also invoked the ire of liberal activists in CD4. One liberal blogger who runs a site dedicated to attacking CD4 Congressman Cory Gardner had this to say about Shaffer's potential switch to the CD6 race:

For my money, [Shaffer has] lost a lot of credibility through this decision that shows his lack of loyalty to his supporters in the 4th. If Shaffer has that little loyalty to the people in the District he currently lives in, I would hate to imagine how “loyal” he would be to the people of the 6th, should he decide to switch races.

Burn! When even liberals who are dedicated to attacking your opponent are instead training their fire on you, you know you've royally screwed up.

Shaffer's exit from the candidate pool leaves only one better funded Democrat for Miklosi to beat now in the CD6 Democrat primary. Currently, the two declared Democrat candidates for CD6 are Miklosi and Dr. Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney. Haney has donated or lent $421,000 to his own campaign, but managed to raise only $16,000 from other people in all of 2011.

Regardless of where the money came from, Haney now holds a decisive 2:1 advantage in cash on hand compared to Miklosi.

Miklosi, meanwhile, has been the worst Congressional fundraiser in Colorado this cycle, pulling in only $104,000 in the 4th quarter, despite seeing a 30-point swing towards Democrats during the redistricting process that was finalized late last year. 

With Shaffer firmly in the 4th, and Miklosi and Haney battling it out for the right to lose to Mike Coffman in the 6th, Democrats have pretty much left themselves with only one potential race to win — the 3rd Congressional district.

Unfortunately for Democrats, while their candidate is raising good money, he's got a long and illustrious criminal rap sheet, a voting record supporting over a billion dollars in tax increases, and took a taxpayer funded bonus for working on the political campaign of then-Congressman John Salazar.

That's not a recipe for success in any district, let alone the conservative 3rd CD. 


SHAFFER APOLOGIZES: Calls Rape Reference “Insensitive And In Poor Taste”

Senate President Brandon Shaffer has finally apologized for his remark comparing his political opposition to people who blame rape victims for the crimes perpetrated against them. It only took him five days.

On a Facebook page set up to demand Shaffer apologize for his stupidity, Florence Sebern posted an email exchange between her and Shaffer, though Shaffer didn't take the time to get her name right in his apology. 

From the email chain:

Senator Shaffer,

Thank you for the response and I accept your apology. A public one would be very effective since the statement was issued publicly.

Two minor points: my email did not communicate my feelings. It communicated objective facts. Also, the name is SEBERN, not Steuben.


Florence Sebern

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 1:08 PM, Brandon Shaffer wrote:  

Ms. Steuben,  

I apologize. You're right. My analogy was insensitive and in poor taste. I truly regret saying it.  

Thank you for contacting me and sharing your feelings with me. Again, I am sorry.  

From: Florence Sebern
Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 8:24 AM
Subject: really?
To: brandon.shaffer.senate@state.co.us  

"What I thought when I read your piece — it's a little bit like blaming the woman or saying to a woman she deserved it," he said, apparently referencing victims of rape or sexual harassment.

There is nothing in politics that even comes close to being a victim of sexual assault, Senator.  

You've made a huge mistake. Man up and apologize. Now.  
Florence Sebern

For someone who is attempting to get a promotion from the people of Colorado from Senate President to Congressman, Shaffer sure isn't doing himself any favors. 

We'll update this post if and when he makes a public apology, as Ms. Sebern asked Senator Shaffer to do in her follow up email. 

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