PER DIEM POUNDING: Conservative Women’s Group Slams Morse On Ethics Violation

I Am Created Equal, the Colorado Springs-based conservative women’s group run by Laura Carno, is out with a blistering new ad slamming Senate President John Morse over his abuse of tax-free per diem payments and the ethics investigation he faced over it.

At the time when Morse was hit with the ethics complaint he threatened the person who filed the complaint, telling the Colorado Springs Gazette: “If I were a private citizen, I would own these peoples’ homes.”

In a nice twist, Morse wasn’t able to take the complainant’s house, but the people of Colorado Springs may succeed in taking Morse’s seat.

While the ethics complaint was dismissed on a technicality by the Democrat-majority, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Morse took over $40,000 in tax-free payments, including on days he was in China, fundraising with lobbyists, and host of other activities for which he should not have been billing the people of Colorado.

Democrats will try to deflect this attack by noting the complaint didn’t succeed, but that doesn’t detract from the clear evidence proving his abuse of per diem, nor will technicalities remove the stink of corruption that this ad will firmly affix to Morse.

To paraphrase an old post of ours, John Morse has 99 problems and now a charge of corruption is one.


PERMANENT MAJORITY? Obama’s Standing With Independents Collapses

File this under things that should worry Democrats facing the electorate in 2014: Obama’s standing with independents is collapsing. A new NBC/WSJ poll finds that Obama’s scandal-plagued second term has taken a toll among a critical section of the electorate.

Reports NBC‘s Chuck Todd:

Obama’s numbers among independent respondents have declined — just 28% approve of his job, which is down from 41% in February and 37% in April. What’s more, he’s also seen an erosion in his numbers on presidential qualities (like being a strong leader, being honest and straightforward, and changing business as usual in Washington), although they’re above where they were after the debt-ceiling fight in 2011. The president’s ability to push Congress publicly to get some of his agenda passed will be curtailed if he can’t improve those numbers with political independents.

The Washington Post‘s Aaron Blake reports this is a trend seen in two recent polls:



CONGRESSIONAL WIVES CLUB HITS TV: Coors Campaign Ties Perlmutter To Solyndra, Broken Ethics Pledge

Back in July we reported on a troubling trend – Coloradans losing their jobs in the energy sector while spouses of Colorado’s Congressional delegation were getting rich off the Green Lobby.

One fact we were the first in Colorado to report — that Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s then-wife was Solyndra’s first lobbyist — has now made its way onto TV screens across the Denver Metro area.

Last week the Coors campaign launched a brutally effective ad hitting Ed Perlmutter for his connection to the failed solar panel company that was raided by the FBI. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet:

The problem for Perlmutter here is the more he pushes back against this ad the deeper he’ll sink into ethical quick sand. Yes, Perlmutter is now divorced from said lobbyist-wife, but they were married at the time of her lobbying the US House, something that Perlmutter promised she wouldn’t do.

Compare this from a Denver Post editorial in 2006:

We were glad to hear Perlmutter say that his wife would not lobby him or any member of the U.S. House. That’s essential.

To official lobbying disclosures from 2008 that show that Deanna Perlmutter was lobbying the U.S. House over Solyndra’s loan application.

What does Ed Perlmutter have to say to voters in the 7th Congressional District about his broken lobbying ethics pledge?

Corruption was voters’ number one concern in 2006 — the year Perlmutter was elected to Congress. Could the issue that helped bring Perlmutter to Washington also send him packing?


This Society and Nation Cannot Survive

Published on August 28, 2012 by

This Society and Nation Cannot Survive

Posted by Ann Barnhardt

First, read this quote from John Adams a minimum of five times or until you COMPREHEND what he is saying. Don’t just phonetically sound-out the words. COMPREHEND WHAT YOU READ:

   Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

   -John Adams

Now that you have that, watch this video. THIS IS NOT SATIRE. This is completely, 100% real.…

The perfection of the correlation to the psychopaths running the government and financial sector is hard to improve upon. They have ZERO remorse. They are not sorry, but disgusted and indignant that they were caught, and that society has the gall to hold them to any account. They truly believe that they had not just a right, but a MORAL ENTITLEMENT to the envelope full of money because THEY WANTED IT. They further believe that since the little girl scouts were merely CUSTODIANS of the cookie money which would eventually be sent to girl scout cookie headquarters, that they, the thieves, had every bit as much right to the money as the custodial fiduciaries, the little girl scouts, and that they, the thieves, SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO KEEP THE MONEY THAT THEY STOLE. Does that sound familiar? Ring any bells?

Don’t take my word for it. Take John Adams’ word for it. This nation is populated by soulless, amoral, criminal psychopaths. These people are everywhere, from the trailer park that these two skanks crawled out of all the way up to the leadership of every mega-bank, and filling the United States congress, Executive branch and judiciary. Ergo, there is no possible way this nation can survive in its First American Republic form. The constitution of 1787 is “WHOLLY INADEQUATE” to govern a nation of amoral, godless sociopaths, or even a nation with an exceedingly large contingent of amoral, godless sociopaths. It only works when the nation is constituted by a vast majority of God-fearing, inherently moral people, and that we most certainly are NOT.

Oh, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are exactly like these two thieves. Check that. At least the thieves were honest and candid about their motives and actions. Romney and Ryan are worse because they are liars who know that the entire system is a giant, mathematically impossible lie.


The United States government is a gigantic, mathematically impossible Ponzi that cannot be salvaged. It is mathematically impossible, as in the mathematics of what Romney and Ryan are saying is totally, completely mathematically impossible, as in NOT POSSIBLE MATHEMATICALLY. And they know it. Hence, they are amoral, psychopathic liars.

Even if the most morally upright and blisteringly intelligent people could magically be put in charge of the United States government and financial system, there would be NOTHING they could do to avert the collapse of the economy and the government, because the collapse is now a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY. All they could do would be to attempt to hold the states together, keep petroleum flowing, and try to prevent a land invasion by the Chinese and/or Russians.

Given all of this, you should be asking yourselves the question, “Why in the hell would Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Obama or anyone else want anything to do with being the Chief Executive of a nation that is inevitably going to collapse?”

The answer is:

“Basically, me and my friend, we needed some money and we saw this country, we saw a Treasury with money in it and I grabbed it and she drove away. ‘Cause we needed the money. We just wanted money. Just for anything, and it was an easy way of getting money.”

This nation cannot survive because of the people who populate it. Good luck fixing that on November 6, 2012, because your choices are Stephanie and her friend, and Stephanie and her friend.  


SURROGATE ATTACK BLOWBACK: Obama’s Campaign Probably Regretting Blaming GOP For Rush

If Democrats thought a few weeks ago that blaming the Republicans for anything said on the radio was a good strategy, after recent comments by Democrat surrogates they are probably rethinking that strategy. 

First it was DNC advisor and Obama State Dinner attendee Hilary Rosen disparaging Ann Romney as having "never worked a day in her life." That hurt because Rosen was found to have visited the White House 35 times since March 2010, making it mighty hard to declare distance from Rosen. It also played into the narrative of Democrats being the party of elite, coastal liberals who look down their nose at stay-at-home mothers. 

Then on Saturday, $1 million Obama Super PAC donor Bill Maher doubled down on that sentiment saying "But what she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work."

No way Obama's campaign, whose Super PAC is headed by his former deputy White House press secretary, was going to be able to create distance with Maher.

Considering the condescending and misogynistic statements Maher has made about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, Democrats couldn't claim it was an off-hand remark not indicative of Maher's wider beliefs.

While we're playing the loose link blame game, how about a quote from a Kennedy calling Obama corrupt?

In a New York Times article detailing the access big dollar Obama donors have been given to the White House, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) had this to say:

“If you want to call it ‘quid pro quo,’ fine,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want to make sure I do my part.”

What does the Obama White House have to say about their allies calling Obama corrupt? Was Kennedy making a tacit acknowledgment on behalf of the Obama campaign?

If Democrats want to play the surrogate/conservative = Romney card, then they better be prepared to accept that every surrogate/liberal = Obama.

With the blowback they're already facing from that strategy, we're guessing they're regretting going down that road. 


IS THE UNTHINKABLE, WELL, THINKABLE? Will Weissmann’s Efforts Be Enough To Dislodge Jared Polis?

Corruption is one of the top campaign killers in American politics. Not necessarily outright corruption, but the mere appearance of corruption has been enough to topple plenty of politicians' careers. 

Just look at 2006, where corruption was the number one issue in national exit polls. A number of powerful and high profile incumbents lost, after Democrats tried to tag them all with the stain of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 

People tend to believe corruption allegations leveled against politicians because most people believe that politicians tend to be corrupt.

The allegations harm both Republicans and Democrats, Chairmen and backbenchers alike.

Take Democrat Congressman William Jefferson from Louisiana. After the FBI found $90,000 in cash in Jefferson's freezer, he was tarnished so badly that Republican Joseph Cao defeated him in an overwhelmingly Democrat district in 2008. 

No seat is safe enough to protect incumbents seen as corrupt.

That is why a new Jib-Jab-style spot for Eric Weissmann targeting the crooked and corrupt Jared Polis has got us thinking.  

If you haven’t seen the spot, check it out here:

Is the unthinkable, well, thinkable?  

Could Polis's well documented insider-trading and nest-feathering actually put CD2 in play?  

With campaign ads as inventive and effective as the Weissmann spot, could a well funded GOP challenger knock Polis off?

Remember, it was another self-funding Boulder businessman, Bob Greenlee, who nearly defeated Mark Udall back in 1998 for the CD2 seat. 

The difference this year is Jared Polis is no Mark Udall when it comes to campaigns — he may have a lot of money, but severely lacks Udall's political savvy. Udall also wasn't confronting allegations of insider trading when Greenlee nearly ended his political career before it began.

Whether it's Senator Kevin Lundberg or Boulder businessman Eric Weissman, the line of attack linking Polis with political corruption will be powerful. 

It will take a sustained and smartly orchestrated campaign to damage Jared Polis enough to make him vulernable. 

We're not sure Polis is yet beatable, but Weissmann's latest viral video has got us thinking. Maybe CD2 isn't a safe seat for Polis after all. 


A HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT GRAFT? Abound Solar Isn’t First Stryker Tied Corporation To Be Investigated

When news broke last week that liberal heiress and left wing funder of Colorado Democrats, Pat Stryker, may be implicated in the Abound Solar government boondoggle, a number of our readers sent along a juicy tidbit: this wouldn't be the first time that a corporation tied to Stryker has been accused of stealing from the public trough.  

In 2007, the Stryker Corporation, the company founded by Pat Stryker's grandfather and the source of much of her personal wealth, paid $16.6 million to settle Medicare fraud allegations.

Former Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams referenced the fraud allegations in 2008, telling The Denver Post:  

"When Democrats talk about corporate greed, what could be more greedy than ripping off the federal program that takes care of the poor and the elderly? What could be a better example of corporate greed than the Stryker Corp. being convicted of Medicare fraud in South Dakota."

Making matters worse for Stryker in the Abound boondoggle are the pay-to-play allegations regarding $400 million government loan to Abound Solar which was approved by the Obama administration's Energy Department.

The Sunlight Foundation found that there is a "Pat Stryker" listed in the White House visitor logs in October 2009, though the White House refused to confirm details of the meeting or if it was the Pat Stryker in question.

Obama announced the $400 million loan to Abound Solar in July 2010.

Stryker denied any involvement in the alleged Medicare fraud through the Stryker Corporation, saying through a spokesman that she had no involvement in the daily management of the company.

But Stryker has yet to weigh in on her involvement with Abound Solar and the $400 million government loan it got from an administration she has donated heavily to.

As Peter Schweizer has reported, 16 of the 20 billion dollars loaned by the Energy Department has gone to companies owned or operated by Obama donors. 

Pat Stryker: Did you have a role in getting the Obama administration to approve the Abound Solar loan?


PAVING OVER CORRUPTION: ADCO Dems Push Bill Aimed At Making Their County Party Look Less Corrupt

We've written plenty on this site about the massive and expansive corruption among Adams County Democrats. Nearly every single county elected Democrat has been tied to some scandal or corruption. Not a single Republican mind you — corruption issues have only been present on one side of the aisle in ADCO.

Now Adams County state legislators Sen. Mary Hodge and Rep. Cheryl Peniston are running a bill to make it look like Adams County Democrats are leading the way on ethics reform. 

Reports The Colorado Observer's Leslie Jorgensen:

DENVER, CO – Democrats Sen. Mary Hodge of Brighton and Rep. Cherylin Peniston of Westminster are co-sponsoring a bill to strengthen and expand ethics provisions of Amendment 41 to local government officials and employees, including school district boards. If passed, it will also place restrictions on the employment of their family members.

…“In my travels around the district, my hours in the grocery store, people come up to me and they say, ‘Adams County is corrupt. Elected officials are corrupt. What are you going to do about it?’” said Hodge.

In response to those allegations, Hodge said Senate Bill 146 “will clarify and strengthen our ethics laws.”

…Hodge said the bill emanated from the ethics scandal that rocked Democrat Adams County elected officials, including violations by County Tax Assessor Gil Reyes and County Commissioner Alice Nichol, who allegedly had secured a high paying position for a relative and had a government contractor repave her residential driveway.

As Jorgensen goes on to note, critics have said the bill could actually end up hurting small communities in the name of helping clean up ADCO Dems brand with voters. 

If Sen. Hodge and Rep. Peniston had truly wanted to clean up corruption in their county party they would have done something a long time ago. The problem has persisted for years. But 2012 is an election year and they both face potentially competitive races, making it pretty obvious why they ran this bill, this year. 

It is also unclear how this bill would stop much of the corruption that has occurred in Adams. 

How would it stop Democrat Commissioner Alice Nichol from allegedly receiving an under the table $10,000 cash bribe? (Nichol is running for a third term in 2012)

How would it stop Democrat Assessor Gil Reyes from helping his campaign donors save $800,00 in taxes through undervaluing their property?

How would it stop Democrat Sheriff Doug Darr from violating the first amendment rights of his subordinates and from doling out taxpayer funded gigs almost exclusively to family members of his staff?

It wouldn't. But it will, in Hodge and Peniston's minds, hopefully save their electoral careers. 


CORRUPT BARGAIN? House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino Courting Laura Bradford’s Support

UPDATE: Are Dems counting their chickens before they hatch? Sources report Dems delayed normally scheduled votes on the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) for the second day in a row, yesterday. Our sources wonder if that is because Dems think they’ll take the House majority with Bradford’s support and are trying to ensure little gets done before they take over the JBC.


Is a corrupt bargain in the works down at the Capitol? State Representative Laura Bradford (R-Collbran) is openly debating whether to leave the Republican Party over Speaker Frank McNulty's decision to impanel an ethics investigation into Rep. Bradford's traffic stop last week where she was suspected of drunk driving. The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels reported that Bradford and House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) have met to discuss her situation.

If Bradford left the GOP, it would deprive the Republicans of their one-seat majority in the State House, and potentially trigger a new vote for Speaker of the House. Should Bradford seek to exact revenge on Speaker McNulty, she could vote for Ferrandino for Speaker, thus giving the House majority to Democrats. 

Our sources say Ferrandino and Bradford have met at least twice, but Bradford has refused to meet with McNulty. 

While Ferrandino denied to Bartels that he offered anything to Bradford in exchange for her support, saying "I mostly listened to where she was at. She needs to think through her thoughts and what she decides to do."

If he mostly listened, then what did he say? Did he offer her a chairmanship of a committee? Was anything of value offered to her to make the switch?

Bradford was stripped of her chairmanship on the House Local Government Committee last week by Speaker McNulty after news of her run-in with Denver police came to light.

While losing the House majority due to a Bradford defection is not a favorable turn of events, some Republicans are saying that if push comes to shove they will be glad to let Ferrandino own the corrupt bargain. 

Even if Ferrandino isn't found to have offered a quid pro quo, the public is not likely to look fondly upon a shift in power due to the vote of a vindictive lawmaker accused of drunk driving and who claimed on the House floor she was driving from a "legislative function" that turned out to be a reception with lobbyists at the bar Prohibition

As corruption or allegations of corruption can be one of the most damning charges in politics, it is clear Democrats would be playing with fire.

On the one hand, they'd be able to force their legislative priorities through, as they already have the majority in the state Senate and the Governor's office. But on the flip side, they'd have to defend taking power through a legislator caught up in an ethics investigation praised by their own party.

Not only that, but Democrats would own the budget in a tough economy. They would lose the ability to attack Republicans for proposing budget cuts and other legislation that would pass the House under a Republican majority.

It is a tough trade for Democrats. Do they accept the corrupt bargain to get their bills passed or avoid having to own yet another scandal involving driving (Suzanne Williams) and Colfax (Sal Pace)?

(Ferrandino pic via Colorado News Agency)


COLORADO’S CHICAGO: Another Corrupt Democrat Revealed In Adams County

This has past the point of ridiculousness. Virtually every elected Democrat in Adams County has now been tied to corruption in the last year. From County Commissioner Alice Nichol allegedly receiving cash payments of $10,000 from a company that charged the county to pave roads that didn't exist, to County Assessor Gil Reyes saving his campaign donors nearly a million bucks in taxable income through lowering their assessed property values, if you've got a D next to your name in Adams County you're probably corrupt.

Today we add news of RTD Director Ken Riley from The Denver Post, who has apparently fled the state after illegally spending five figures of union money on his own RTD election. The news of Riley's troubles first appeared in a tweet from anonymous (& apparently very well informed) twitter user RockyMtnShadow on August 22nd that said that Riley had been "abruptly removed" from his position of Executive Director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the largest union in the country. 

That tweet was followed up with detailed reporting by Adams County conservative blog Tonys Rants two weeks ago, a local blog we profiled on these pages back in April, praising it for its "assiduous" coverage of local corruption in ADCO. Complete Colorado called Tonys Rants story on Ken Riley a "must read."

Today The Denver Post's award-winning investigative reporter, David Olinger, reports Riley is now under criminal investigation for his use of AFSCME money on his campaign, making him no less than the third Democrat in the county to come under criminal investigation this year. 

Olinger also reports Riley resigned in an email Monday evening, though his location is still not known. 

These three criminal investigations of Adams County Democrats are in addition to a slew of other ethical and legal issues for Obama's party north of Denver. Let's recount a few more eye-popping examples of ADCO Democrats' extensive and almost unbelievable corruption. Remember: this is only corruption exposed in the last year.

  1. Sherriff Doug Darr (D-Adams County): Adams County was forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in a case where the jury found Sheriff Darr violated the First Amendment rights of his campaign opponent, Mark Nicastle. Darr was found to have demoted Nicastle and also launched a number of unjustified internal investigations against Nicastle with the aim of damaging his candidacy. It was so bad even liberal lawsuit mavens Colorado Ethics Watch called for his resignation. What did Governor Hickenlooper do? He appointed Sheriff Darr to his gaming commission after sacking the entire existing commission. 
  2. Sheriff Doug Darr (D-Adams County) A CBS4 investigation found that "the Adams County Sheriff’s Office has been doling out lucrative, taxpayer-funded summer jobs only to sons and daughters of department members."
  3. County Surveyor Tim Thoms (D-Adams County): A CBS4 investigation found that "much of the county's car washing business was going to a car wash owned by county surveyor, Tim Thoms." This illegal conflict of interest spurred ADCO to discontinue paying for county cars to be washed for 30 days while they determined how to avoid future corruption.
  4. County Assessor Gil Reyes (D-Adams County) Reyes pled guilty and paid a $300 fine for illegally accepting sports tickets from a campaign donor. Reyes was found to have saved the donor who gave him the tickets and other donors over $800,000 in taxes through lower property value assessments. The Colorado Department of Property Taxation found Reyes' actions clearly violated the law (PDF).
  5. County Commissioner Alice Nichol (D-Adams County) has been accused of selling no-bid county road paving contracts to campaign contributors and of placing virtually her entire family in the employ of the county. A lawyer for the federally-indicted company, Quality Paving and Resurfacing, has claimed Nichol received a secret $10,000 cash payment for her help.

All of this comes after last year's discovery that County Treasurer Diane Christner (D-Adams County) was using taxpayer resources to fund her campaign, the County Coroner James Hibbard (D-Adams County) was sued for sexual harassment of subordinates, and Adams County Democrat Party Treasurer Elmer "Butch" Hicks was caught embezzling party funds.

Is there any Democrat in Adams County who has not been found to be corrupt? ADCO is beginning to make Chicago look like a model of fair and open elections.  

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