Back in July we reported on a troubling trend – Coloradans losing their jobs in the energy sector while spouses of Colorado’s Congressional delegation were getting rich off the Green Lobby.

One fact we were the first in Colorado to report — that Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s then-wife was Solyndra’s first lobbyist — has now made its way onto TV screens across the Denver Metro area.

Last week the Coors campaign launched a brutally effective ad hitting Ed Perlmutter for his connection to the failed solar panel company that was raided by the FBI. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet:

The problem for Perlmutter here is the more he pushes back against this ad the deeper he’ll sink into ethical quick sand. Yes, Perlmutter is now divorced from said lobbyist-wife, but they were married at the time of her lobbying the US House, something that Perlmutter promised she wouldn’t do.

Compare this from a Denver Post editorial in 2006:

We were glad to hear Perlmutter say that his wife would not lobby him or any member of the U.S. House. That’s essential.

To official lobbying disclosures from 2008 that show that Deanna Perlmutter was lobbying the U.S. House over Solyndra’s loan application.

What does Ed Perlmutter have to say to voters in the 7th Congressional District about his broken lobbying ethics pledge?

Corruption was voters’ number one concern in 2006 — the year Perlmutter was elected to Congress. Could the issue that helped bring Perlmutter to Washington also send him packing?