If you make a pledge to The Denver Post editorial board, don’t worry about keeping it. They won’t hold you to it. They’ll even deny to their readers you broke it.

That’s the lesson from yesterday’s Denver Post editorial that goes after the Joe Coors for Congress ad hitting incumbent Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter for his then-wife lobbying on behalf of failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

In 2006, Perlmutter promised the Post‘s editorial board that his then-wife, Deana, would not lobby the U.S. House. The editorial called that promise “essential.”

By 2008, that pledge was broken as lobbying disclosures show that Deana was lobbying the U.S. House on behalf of Solyndra.

Pretty clear violation, eh?

Not according to the left-wing lackeys at the current Post editorial board. They laughably claim “nothing in his record suggests that he has strayed from that vow.”

As the kids might say, WTF? AYKM?

Perlmutter promised Deana wouldn’t lobby the House, then she lobbied the House. How is that not “straying from that vow”?

As we said on Twitter yesterday, The Denver Post editorial board’s credibility is taking on water faster than a Cuban flotilla in a tropical storm.

Between Denver Post publisher and ed board puppet master Dean Singleton’s wet, sloppy kisses for Obama and editorials like this, it’s no wonder the paper probably won’t be published in five years according to the current CEO of the Post. If you want to subject yourself to left-wing trash, it’s far easier to just tune the TV to MSNBC.

We asked editorial board head Curtis Hubbard for comment yesterday, and he refused to respond unless we called him. Being an anonymous blog, he knows that wasn’t possible, allowing him to smugly refuse to defend the indefensible trash spewed on the pages of the Post yesterday.

Hubbard, we are told, likes to tell people that “fairness” is one of his guiding principles. If so, yesterday’s editorial should bring shame upon his reputation. It was anything but fair to the truth.

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