A Denver Post editorial today attacks Paul Ryan and his budget, calling the Congressman with the guts to actually propose a budget that deals with the ticking time bomb of entitlement spending "radical" and "likely to alienate."

What else could we expect from Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton, who controls the editorial board, the man who all but offered Obama an engagement ring earlier this year?

Remember this?

While speaking at an Associated Press event, Singleton decided to toss journalistic integrity to the wind and land a sloppy one right on the One's lips in public. In the love sonnet introduction, Singleton called House Republicans and Obama's budgets "from different planets," so it's really no surprise he used the pages of the Post today to attack Ryan.

Nowhere in the editorial does it mention that Senate Democrats have not passed a budget in three years. Seems rather relevant to a discussion of budget leadership in Washington, eh? Nor does it mention that Obama's budget failed 99-0 in the Democrat-controlled US Senate. 

No, those are what Al Gore might call inconvenient truths best not discussed by Obama's Denver media fan club. 

Surely with editorials like today's, it's no surprise the Post is losing circulation faster than Dick Cheney during his 6th heart attack.