Regular readers of the Peak know we’re no fans of The Denver Post editorial board, which has seen its credibility in recent months plunge like the pressure system inside Superstorm Sandy.

An editorial yesterday further exposes Denver Post Publisher Dean Singleton’s puppets for the hacks they’ve become. The editorial rips into Romney for his Ohio ad claiming the Obama-bailed-out Chrysler was opening plants in China for Jeep manufacturing, calling it “shameful.”

What we find shameful is the blinding hypocrisy of the ed board. Just last month, Congressman Ed Perlmutter ran an ad in Colorado — you know, the state where the Post‘s readers live — making the exact same claim about Congressional challenger Joe Coors and CoorsTek opening plants in South Korea.

Did the Post editorial board pen a single column denouncing Perlmutter’s claims? Nope, not a word.

How does an ad in Ohio incense Dean Singleton so much the Post publishes an editorial about it, but virtually the exact same ad is run in Colorado and the Post doesn’t spill a drop of ink on it?

Why? Because Dean Singleton uses the Post editorials as his own political platform. He defends his friends and attacks their enemies. He’ll even publish undeniable lies to defend his preferred politicians.

There is no intellectual credibility there — just Obama-leg-humping and selective slobbering.