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The campaign of incumbent Congressman Edwin Perlmutter is out with an attack ad hitting Republican challenger Joe Coors for allegedly outsourcing jobs to Asia. The problem is, unlike the Coors campaign ad slamming Perlmutter for voting to support rapists’ rights which 9News deemed true, the Perlmutter ad is based on phony facts.

We’re not surprised the campaign of a liberal lawyer and career politician like Perlmutter would not understand how business works and immediately lunge for protectionist political cover, but facts are stubborn things.

In order for CoorsTek to access the growing South Korean consumer market they were required to open a factory there. If they didn’t build a factory in Korea, they couldn’t sell their product to one of Asia’s fastest growing economies.

Would Ed Perlmutter, a man completely devoid of business experience, decide it’s better to not grow the company? Would he have decided it wasn’t worth expanding into a key market simply because it required opening a factory there? If so, there’s a reason Perlmutter has never signed the front of a pay check.

Not only was the factory a requirement to expand the company — something people in business generally like to do — but it didn’t affect a single American job.

According to the Coors campaign, not a single job was moved to Asia — employment levels in the US were equal before and after the South Korean factory opened.

That means there was no outsourcing…meaning the Perlmutter ad is pure bunk.

Just because the ad’s a lie doesn’t necessarily mean the ad won’t be effective. In 2010, Perlmutter effectively hammered Republican challenger Ryan Frazier over Frazier’s company’s role in outsourcing. That was an easier hit as the company website had a section entitled “Outsourcing.”

This time around, facts are likely to get in the way of the clean hit. Is anything in the Perlmutter re-election bid real lately?