9/24 UPDATE: The Coors campaign has put together a great spoof ad using all of Perlmutter’s outtakes from his counterfeited constituent interactions:

Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s campaign ads this cycle have been beset by revelations that the actors in them are not what they necessarily claim to be. Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported on the latest faked Perlmutter spot, where he uses a campaign volunteer pretending to be a constituent he meets on the street.

This follows on revelations that Perlmutter’s first ad was shot using two constituents who claim to be Republicans, but who have given almost $4400 to Democrat candidates in Colorado, and only a single $250 donation to a Republican. Not exactly what most people would deem “Republicans.”

Reports BuzzFeed’s John Stanton:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Voters across the country are being flooded this month with campaign ads, extolling the deep local roots of members of Congress…

Take Permutter’s ad, “Ed is Walking the Extra Mile,” which features footage of the lawmaker climbing out his car, knocking on doors, chatting with folks on the street and generally doing the classic legwork of any good retail politics operation.

The video even includes the disclaimer “NOT AN ACTOR: This is actually Congressman Permutter.” Which is true.

But the seemingly spontaneous interactions in the ad are anything but, as the excerpts from the video shoot show, with Permutter and constituents doing multiple takes….

But in at least one case, shown at the 1:05 mark of the ad, the person the lawmaker seems to spontaneously meet on the street isn’t just a constituent – but a campaign volunteer, [Perlmutter campaign spokeswoman Leslie] Oliver acknowledged.

“These outtakes reveal the truth about Rep. Perlmutter’s record: He needs to play a part to cover up his failed job in Congress,” said Michelle Yi, the communications director for Permutter’s opponent Joe Coors.

Fake ads are in this year. Obama used two fake Colorado “Republican” women in an ad. Congressional candidate Sal Pace was caught using a fake house that he portrays as being his Dad’s in an ad.

And now this — the second time Perlmutter has been caught counterfeiting his campaign spots.

Check out the full BuzzFeed article for all of Perlmutter’s outtakes that his campaign forgot to mark as “private” on YouTube. Someone’s getting their knuckles rapped over at campaign headquarters today.