Yesterday, Powerline and BuzzFeed revealed that two Colorado women featured in an Obama commercial, who claim to be "lifelong Republicans" are, in fact, Democrats.  See the ad below.

Of course, none of these lovely "Republican" ladies could ever support Mitt Romney.  Why?  Who knows – the ad never says.  But, at least two of the women are actually Democrats.  Can you guess the two Democrats posing as Republicans?  We'll give you a hint – not only are they not Republicans, but the two women are related.

The first woman is Maria Ciano, who has been a registered Democrat since at least 2006, possibly longer. She's the woman with braces.  Her mother, Delia Ciano, is also featured in the ad.  Powerline also has been so good as to pull down mother and daughter's Facebook pages, which are littered with pro-liberal "Likes" and snarky comments about Republicans.  Hmmm.  Doesn't exactly sound like a lifelong Republican to us….

But, really this should be par for the course.  First, we have potentially illegitimate voters, then, we have approximately 13 million Twitter followers, and now, we have fake "Republican Women for Obama"? 

President Obama, is there anything "real" about your campaign?