The Joe Coors for Congress campaign is out with their second ad slamming incumbent Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter for corruption, this time hitting him for inserting last-minute language into a bill that would benefit himself and his political donors financially.

It started running Saturday morning with a 1000 points behind it — meaning the average viewer will see it 10 times in a week.

Check it out here:

(Full documentation for the ad’s allegations can be found here)

These type of ads tend to be among the most effective in politics, as viewers already assume politicians are corrupt. There is no set up or explanation needed — people inherently believe the premise.

No matter how much the left-wing liars over at The Denver Post editorial board complain Perlmutter isn’t corrupt, facts like those laid out in this ad strongly argue otherwise.

The ad is based on this Washington Times exclusive from 2009:

Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado inserted a provision into the recently passed House climate change bill that would drum up business for “green” banks, such as the one he has invested in and his family and a political donor helped found in San Francisco.

The bill calls on bank regulators to promote green banking and says federal dollars should be used to support energy-efficient home improvements at government-funded housing projects.

Mr. Perlmutter, a two-term Democrat, has two investments in the 3-year-old New Resource Bank, which calls itself the nation’s first green bank.

It’s amazing how the Coors campaign has set the tone on renewable energy this cycle — from the memorable ad of Joe Coors driving his Chevy Volt talking about trying to build an electric car himself, to the Coors ads slamming Perlmutter on corrupt dealings with Solyndra and a green energy bank he part owns.

And here we thought renewable energy was the Left’s winning talking point?