In the alternate Democrat-leg-humping universe The Denver Post editorial board occupies these days, a Republican running an ad pointing out negative but true facts about his political opponent is “despicable”, but a Democrat threatening a reporter with physical violence is merely a small mistake from an otherwise “honorable man” who should simply apologize and move on.

Excuse us while we vomit.

This afternoon’s Post editorial, gently rapping Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s knuckles for threatening to “punch out” a reporter for asking tough questions, is a sad example of where the state’s flagship paper has taken its opinion section since Dan Haley left the helm.

Only weeks ago the paper worked itself into quite the lather over a Joe Coors ad hitting Congressman Perlmutter for his ties to Solyndra through his then-wife’s role as their first lobbyist, calling it “despicable” and “desperate.” Quite the harsh language for an ad the editorial acknowledged was “technically true.”

Fast forward to today’s screed, where they spent a good portion of the article making out with Salazar’s picture, calling him “one of Colorado’s most honorable public servants” who just “snapped, plain and simple.” They, of course, note this was entirely out of character for the Great Man they know Salazar to be.

Give us a break.

You would think, as journalists, they would be especially sensitive to threats of violence over a legitimate line of questioning. Maybe call it conduct unbecoming of a Cabinet official and suggest he resign or blast him for behavior more in line with places like Burma or Belarus, where threats against journalists are commonplace.

Nope, all they requested was that Salazar say he’s sorry — which he did at about the same time the editorial was published, according to the reporter he threatened.

Unlike Colorado Pols, they didn’t even call on Salazar to answer the questions he was avoiding. It’s a sad day when The Denver Post editorial board provides more political cover for elected Democrats than the leading liberal mouthpiece for the Colorado Democratic Party.