The art of being an effective legislative minority is knowing how to pick your fights.  If that is the case, then Rep. Sal Pace is off to a bad start.  The new House Minority Leader tried to turn a token move by Republicans to rename committees into his Waterloo. 

Pace organized a few of his least charismatic caucus members to stage a debate over the minutia of committee names during the normally ceremonial opening day proceedings.

Oh, Sal.  Good grief.  This is your first big stand?

Give credit to Senate President Brandon Shaffer, who had the good sense to use the first 48 hours of the new session to draw lines over education funding.  Agree with Shaffer or not (and we certainly don't), he has figured out how to use the bully pulpit to push his agenda and not just make noise.

It is a skill that John Salazar's protege Mr. Pace would do well to learn, and fast, before he sets off another round of Captiol chuckling at his expense.