Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney would lead the field in Colorado if he were to run again, new polling by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows. In a poll released today, Romney would garner 19% of the vote with fellow former Govs. Palin and Huckabee tied for second at 16%.

PPP Director, Tom Jensen, in a memo notes that in Colorado, unlike other states PPP has polled, Romney leads both in favorability rating (60% approval) as well as takes the top spot in the ballot test. He surmises this doesn’t occur elsewhere because while voters may not like Romney the best they see him as more presidential than other candidates.

Of course primary polling means very little this far out, but it can help scare off potential candidates and boost PAC fundraising.

The Colorado GOP has a multi-step process that may end up becoming far easier to understand, and increase the prominence of Colorado in the 2012 primary campaigns, if a proposal put forward by Dick Wadhams passes. Wadhams proposes to make the preference poll at precinct caucuses binding. Previously there were the precinct caucuses plus district conventions months later that determined a majority of the delegates.

Romney’s campaign in 2008 decimated the competition, taking 60% of the vote with McCain trailing at a measly 19%. This was due to the Romney campaign's far superior organization, which is rewarded handsomely in caucuses and conventions. If Romney can assemble the same team then he starts with a considerable advantage over other candidates.

Romney has reportedly already signed on one long-time Colorado operative, Rich Beeson, as political director.