After the guilty pleas entered in the Quality Paving corruption scandal, yet another Democrat corruption scandal is coming out in Adams County. Is there any Democrat in ADCO not corrupt?

Let’s see – we have Commissioner Alice Nichols selling county contracts for campaign contributions, Coroner James Hibbard sexually harassing subordinates, County Treasurer Diane Christner using government resources to print campaign materials, and Adams County Democratic Party Treasurer Elmer Hicks embezzling party funds.

And now we have the County Assessor, Gil Reyes, cutting property taxes for his campaign contributors. Thanks to Reyes’ actions his largest campaign contributor saved over $800,000 in taxes last year. Is it us or are Democrat assessors having trouble following the law lately?

But change is coming to Adams County in the form of newly-elected Commissioner, Erik Hansen. Hansen, formerly Mayor of Thornton, is shaking things up in Adams County requesting an independent audit of county tax assessments. The days of complete Democrat control and corruption in Adams County are over. But we suspect as Hansen continues his reform agenda more skeletons will emerge from the Democrat’s closet.