What with the massive cuts to both K-12 and higher education in Hickenlooper’s budget, we thought we might throw our two cents at one possible place to save.

Lt. Gov Garcia has been nominated to serve as both Lt. Gov and the head of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE). The Lt. Gov position, which voters elected him for, pays $68,000 a year, but Garcia wants to take the higher salary of $145,000 for his position as head of CCHE.

Since the Hickenlooper administration is asking educators across the state to take massive cuts to their budget, including potential pay cuts for teachers, then it should lead by example and have Garcia take the lower $68,000 salary.

We’ve heard that Lt. Gov Garcia is already chairing meetings of the CCHE, while HB 1155, the bill authorizing the higher salary, sits in House Appropriations. Since he’s already apparently heading CCHE at his Lt. Gov. salary, continuing to do so would produce some savings and show some leadership.

Just our two cents.