Yesterday we politely suggested that Sen. Bacon reach out to his friends who he proclaimed had expressed a willingness and ability to pay higher taxes. How would they do that you ask? It’s not like they can just send in a check for $570 million, is it?

Not in Colorado anyway. . .at least not yet.

Which leads us to our second suggestion for savings for Senate Democrats: follow Virginia’s lead and set up such an account so all those tax increase lovers can literally put their money where their mouth is.

The fund in Virginia, called the “Tax Me More” fund has been open since 2003 and in no single year have more than two people donated. That’s two out of a state of nearly eight million.

We might suggest that Pat Stryker and Tim Gill spend their money more wisely and deposit it in such an account, since they’re advocating for higher taxes anyway, rather than fund organizations like Accountability for Colorado.

At least a Tax Me More donation wouldn’t risk them exposure to hundreds of thousands in fines.