In politics, as in life, it is generally good form to let your friends know something bad is coming before everyone else finds out. That is why we were so surprised to find out that Governor Hickenlooper basically sprang the budget bad news upon House and Senate Democrats the same time Republicans found out.

We hear that Christine Scanlan, Hickenlooper’s legislative director, and Roxane White, his Chief of Staff, only delivered a vague warning that the budget cuts would be bad. Democrats were blindsided by the size and scope of the cuts to education.

Even worse for the vast left wing conspiracy, from the Bell Policy Center to the CEA, is that they were told zip. Nada. Nothing.

Looks like Hick and his legislative colleagues have some communication issues to resolve.

No wonder Democrats are so furious.

It even makes us wonder to what degree are Democrats furious over the substance of the cuts and to what degree are they just angry about being left out in the cold?