Democrats would have you believe that there is an impending government shutdown and it’s all Republicans' fault, before it even happens.

They are pushing this meme so hard because it was seen as damaging to Republicans when it happened in 1995. The problem with this is Republicans have already passed their budget in the House and now it sits on Harry Reid’s doorstep in the Senate.


What’s Harry Reid doing? He is letting the Democrat-controlled Senate off for a week recess. What is it with Democrats literally running away from Republican legislation this week? It seems Democrats are behaving like spoiled children who can’t deal with the consequences of elections.

Republicans passed a budget late Friday night/early Saturday morning last week that keeps the government open through a continuing resolution. They have done the hard work and they even let Democrats propose whatever amendments they wanted – a break with Nancy Pelosi’s heavy-handed tactics when she was Speaker.

In fact the bill passed in the wee hours of Saturday morning, proving Republicans are literally willing to stay up all night to solve this issue. Democrats in the Senate seem resigned to take a week off, and then come back with not enough time to pass their bill, and then blame Republicans for a government shutdown.

It won't work this time. People are paying attention and won’t be bamboozled by the Democrats’ cynical move.