Yesterday at the Capitol, the SEIU held a rally in support of the Wisconsin public union protesters calling in sick and attacking Gov. Walker’s legislative priorities. In response, the Northern Colorado Tea Party organized a counter rally on the sidewalk outside the West steps of the Capitol to support Gov. Walker’s action on behalf of taxpayers. The two groups were separate and peaceful until the SEIU rally ended, and sent their protesters to openly confront the Tea Party group.

Not unexpectedly, a few union thugs started shouting personal insults and flipping off the Tea Party group, who reacted quite admirably. Except for one loose cannon (which, go figure, is the one the Denver Post covered), the Tea Party protesters stayed on message and focused their chants on issues, not insults.

It’s become fashionable in the media to pick out examples of Tea Party protesters getting heated and holding wacky signs. Of course the main stream media didn't cover any of the union wackiness.  Check out the video below to hear union thugs calling the Tea Partiers "teabaggers," "fascists," and "royals."  Earth to union thugs: the Boston Tea Party was anti-royal.