The liberal shills over at Colorado Ethics Watch (CEW), have made a name for themselves over the last few years suing anything that is conservative and moves and decrying any and all action taken by Republicans. So when an obvious case of an ethical, er, lapse occurs in the State Senate, why can’t we find them anywhere? We’re guessing it might be the D next to the State Senator in question’s name.

State Senator Joyce Foster has been caught red-handed sponsoring a bill that would enrich her lobbyist son. This is exactly the kind of blatant ethics violation that CEW claims it exists to expose. Yet they remain strangely silent. . .

This is not the first time Sen. Foster has been caught sponsoring legislation to help family members. In a case of probably the most politically (and morally) tone-deaf politics we’ve seen in years, last year Sen. Foster sponsored a last minute amendment to a bill to help her sex offender brother-in-law. The bill was so horrific the Denver Post said it should be called the Sex Offender Rights bill.

You would think an ethics group would want to stand up against politicians doling out favors to family, especially sex offenders. 

Consider this our call to CEW to put up or shut up.