It's been about a month since Attorney General John Suthers announced that he was hiring ousted former Secretary of State Bernie Buescher to be the lawyer in the AG's office assigned to Scott Gessler and the Secretary of State's office.

Never mind putting Gessler in the awkward position of having to rely on the legal advice of the man he just vanquished. We couldn't believe Suthers would hire a man as his top election lawyer who a) opposed bills that would make it harder for illegals to vote during his time in the legislature, b) consistently showed favor to unions while serving as the state's top elections official, and c) is a known partisan who will almost certainly be leaking sensitive legal matters out the back door to his Democrat pals.

Water long under the bridge?  Not really.  The Peak hears persistent grumbling and anger from Republicans in the legislature and in the legal community toward Suthers over this bad personnel decision.

The Gessler camp is none too pleased either.  The saying may go “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” but it doesn't say make your political enemy your elections lawyer.