In the past week there has been a growing chorus of liberal voices cheerleading increasing “revenue” rather than cutting spending. As WhoSaidYouSaid reminds us, revenue is just a code word for taxes.

Democrats feel like they’ve found their magical potion to convince voters to pay higher taxes by talking about tax increases without mentioning the word, but unfortunately whoever polled that word is no Frank Luntz.

Democrats want to raise taxes because that’s the easy way out in solving a budget shortfall. The harder decisions, which Colorado voters are expecting, come from cutting budgets. The funny part is most liberals refuse to say “tax increase.” Which is why we owe a debt of gratitude to Sen. Rollie Heath (D-Boulder) who plans to propose a massive tax increase in the Legislature today (Monday).

Kudos to Sen. Heath for his candor. He is just dead wrong. In an economy struggling to stay afloat and keep whatever positive momentum it’s been able to muster, tax increases would be like putting a speed bump in a retirement home hallway. All it’s going to do is create a massive economic pile up and it ain’t going to be pretty.