Damn it! Somebody find me a billionaire!

Last Friday, Colorado Pols belched up a gallingly smug post cheering the demise of the conservative online publication Face the State.

We don't know for certain the circumstances that brought Brad Jones' intermittently successful blog to an end.  Pols suggests it might have been because an “angel investor” walked away from the enterprise. That story sounds plausible, but we don't know for certain whether it's true so we will just leave that one there. 

It is, however, worth noting that the implicit self-congratulatory tenor of Pols (Haha, we survived and you didn't) ignores an important truth. Pols was and is funded, marketed, bought, paid for, made-up, propped up, and built-out by a tassel of billionaires for whom resources have never been a limiting factor, at least when it comes to slandering Republicans and touting the idiotic interests of liberals, err, progressives. 

We do not begrudge the billionaires their wealth, nor do we bemoan their fully frontal and partisan exercise of the First Amendment freedoms secured to them by the Bible-toting Founders of this great Republic.

Hell, this is America—more power to each and every one of the rich Mothers scratching out all those big fat checks to Colorado Pols.

But to the recipients of those checks: really, please, with all due respect, please don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.  You aren't THAT good.  Like Richy Rich (and Ali Hasan), Colorado Pols' big and comfy station in life was paid for by someone and something other than their own brilliance. 

We're serious here. Even a garage band made up of two-bit political hacks could make daily political waves if money, technology and manpower were always in full and unlimited supply. The continued existence of the liberal garage band that is Colorado Pols proves at least that much.

To Colorado Pols, we ask for only greater self-awareness, so that you may come to know that you are not as brilliant as all those (gratis) dollar-dollar bills have in your own mind made you seem.

To Brad Jones, we commend you on a job well-done and we wish you better days ahead — and a billionaire or two to make you really, really smart just like Colorado Pols.