Update: See a resemblance?

Our friends over at Complete Colorado continue to ride hard on the findings of an Open Record Request initiated by the increasingly-rancorous Colorado Government Accountability Project which uncovered gross per diem abuses by Senate Majority Leader John Morse.  

Either Morse is the hardest working man EVER, or he is a per diem cheat.  The huge gaps in his calendars on days he collected state cash make a strong case for the latter.  

Remarkably, the Capitol press corps just won't cover the story.  9NEWS?  The Denver Post?  The Denver Daily?  The Pueblo Chieftain?  The Colorado Springs Gazette? The Grand Junction Sentinel?  FOX31?  CBS4?

None of them. Not a word. Not a whiff.

This, friends, is an outrage.  

If this were Frank McNulty, Mike Kopp, or Amy Stephens, we would be on Day Three of front page coverage, and probably an editorial or two to boot.

Think we are being a little hypersensitive?  Think we are being too hard on the selectively napping press corps?  We aren't.

Two words.  Joe Stengel.

Nothing further, your Honor.