Coloradopols yesterday used one of their favorite tropes to attack Rep. Amy Stephens for questioning the analysis of some liberals on budget cuts. Since she didn't come down on the side of higher taxes, she must hate children. "Let them eat cake" the ventriloquist Pols tried to claim Stephens said.

We're sure on the CODA conference call they tasked Pols with trying to divert attention away from the massive Lefty civil war occuring right before our eyes. With liberals from Sen. Rolllie Heath to the Fiscal Policy Institute crying out for an almost TWO BILLION dollar tax increase, and liberal crowds booing the Hickenlooper-Garcia budget proposal, the Left in Colorado is downright desperate to use a sleight-of-hand trick to get people to look away.

Sorry Pols, it's just far more fun to watch the Left self-destruct than it is to read about something that wasn't actually said.