In a great caught-on-tape moment by WhoSaidYouSaid during the hearing before the Title Board for the six tax increase initiatives by Carol Hedges and the Fiscal Policy Institute, there is an incredibly tense moment when a proponent of the tax initiatives admits it's not about "fairness," but about raising taxes, we mean revenue.

After being pressed by Deputy Secretary of State Bill Hobbs on what the end purpose of the initiatives was, attorney Dee Wisor admitted that the initiatives' real effect is to raise taxes. At that moment, Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute Carol Hedges jumped out of her seat to put a stop to the madness of her attorney openly talking about tax increases.

WISOR: We would concede that it really has to do with the state income tax system generally and we don’t need to get hung up on the fairness question.

HOBBS: But if the subject is income taxes, I’m trying to find an end purpose, you know with the purpose is related that, you know we can’t have features that are unrelated to the purpose, I’m trying to understand what the purpose might be. Is it to raise revenue?

WISOR: The purpose is to raise revenue.

We agree that it polls better to talk about fairness, not raising taxes, but to make it work you have to stay ON MESSAGE. As with protests, and now with filing initiatives, liberals are getting sloppy. It's going to be a long cycle for liberals in Colorado.

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