From time to time, this site will try to let its readers know about great stories or investigations that they might have missed. In this week's edition, we point you to a stunning piece on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston) from the Daily Caller. The story takes a peek into what it’s like working for what may be the worst Member of Congress, and that's saying something.

Members of Congress can be demanding, petty and abrasive, but Rep. Jackson Lee looks like she takes the cake. From abusive comments to keeping staff at the office at all hours of the night while she watches TV, Jackson Lee appears to be a Boss From Hell.

Jackson Lee was so bad to work for that the Daily Caller got more than a few former staffers to speak on the record, a rarity in the small world of Washington where staff are always careful about burning bridges. 

To give you a glimpse at the utter insanity of Jackson Lee, here is a representative anecdote from the story.

On Christmas Eve, one staffer was at a midnight mass ceremony at her church. When the boss called, the staffer didn’t answer. “She got so irritated that I wasn’t answering her call on Christmas Eve. So she called me every minute for 56 minutes,” the source recalled.

See a collection of Jackson Lee videos after the jump — you don’t want to miss these truly crazy clips.


At a townhall meeting, ignoring a constituent

Sad attempt at explaining away her town hall behavior

Not so great on geography