Scott Gessler.

Publicly discusses seeking a moonlighting gig totally in the bounds of the law.

He doesn't end up taking the job, but in the interest of transparency discloses that he is seeking additional income to support his elderly mother. He even seeks a legal opinion from the Attorney General's office to make sure he is acting within the law. 


Editorials here, here, here, and here. Coverage EVERYWHERE.

John Morse.

Bilks the taxpayers for tax money he doesn't deserve and didn't earn. Doesn't disclose he is taking the money, but pockets the tax free cash and hopes no one notices. 

Thank God for public records requests. They help find the dirt that corrupt politicians like John Morse try to sweep under the carpet. Consider them the Roomba for democracy.

Caught with his hand in the public's cookie jar.

Editorials: nowhere. Coverage: crickets…

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.