We always thought Grannie had it coming. Sitting at home all day, reading and knitting in the comfort of her air conditioning, when she should be out contributing to our economy. Thankfully, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had the same thought and decided they'd stick it to that lazy woman.

What we're talking about is the redistribution of wealth away from Grannie by the PUC's tiered rate structure in the summertime for Excel Energy.  Last year the PUC approved letting Excel charge consumers a higher rate for energy consumption if they used more than 500 kilowatt hours a month, which accounts for 60% of customers.

This of course affects retirees, the unemployed and people at home with children the most as they are consuming more electricity. The person with the second home in Aspen, who is only there on weekends, is far less likely to surpass that 500 kilowatt-hour limit, thus escaping the added financial burden. 

We mean, come on, we need to have our priorities straight. If electricity usage is spiking in the summer, let's take it from those that can afford it. Like Grannie. 

Thankfully, someone is putting a stop to this ridiculous theft from our beloved Grannie. Rep. Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction) has a bill (HB 1271) that addresses this issue and forces the PUC to remove the tiered rate system and instead institute a single summertime rate. 

It goes before the House Transportation Committee for a hearing tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Let's hope the Legislature gets this right and gets rid of the redistribution of wealth, PUC style.