Liberal Loon Carol Hedges' Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) is out with a new diatribe against Gov. Hickenlooper's budget and it makes for some painful reading. To save you the trouble of having to digest this terrible and proofread-challenged document, we'll summarize it for you briefly.

If we had to summarize it in one word, it would be: candy. Seriously, the document reads like a child's rant about how bad their vegetables taste and why they should just eat candy instead for dinner. 

It's as if Hickenlooper wasn't listening to them. It's as if Hickenlooper isn't paying attention to Mizz Hedges. It's as if Hickenlooper isn't even their friend.

It's as if — shreek, shreek — Hickenlooper is a Republican.

FPI's analyst/tax increase cheerleader, Terry Scanlon, uses the document to list all the things Hickenlooper is cutting to make up for what the eternally-budget challenged Ritter avoided dealing with.

Ritter in his parting-shot of a budget decided to ignore the statutory requirement of having 4% in reserves, so now Hickenlooper has to deal with that and cut another $141.5 million.

Additionally, Hickenlooper hasn't been living in a cave the last few years and realizes Colorado's revenue estimates have been woefully off  in recent history, so he's going with the more conservative estimate  for revenue, causing him to need to chop an additional $182.2 million  off the budget. 

After detailing all the additional cuts, and  grudgingly admitting the Constitutional requirement Hickenlooper and the  Legislature have to balance the budget, Scanlon points us to the  liberal candy shop. There is a really simple way to solve our budget  issues he claims. 

Increase revenue, we mean fairness. Or in English: tax increase. 

Why make tough decisions that voters put you there to make, when instead you can just take the easy way out.

Except  as parents know, kids who eat candy for dinner instead of vegetables  get Type 2 diabetes. And much like a tax increase, that damage is long  lasting.