Yesterday, during debate on the Senate floor about potential budget cuts, Harry Reid was complaining about the "mean-spirited" Republicans and all of their budget cuts. The budget cut that apparently hit too close to home for Reid was government funding for a cowboy poetry festival in Nevada.

We bet most voters would be furious to find out that their tax dollars were funding cowboy poetry festivals in the first place. Republicans can rest assured virtually every voter is behind them on that cut.

This outburst from Harry Reid is very revealing. When the government has a nearly $14 trillion debt, Reid is worried about continuing funding to bards of the bronco.

Voters are making serious financial decisions at home, cutting expenses to the bare bone to make it through this recession, and they expect the government to cut the fat as well. 

It's going to be a long six years until we have the chance again to remove that embarrassment of a Senator. Thankfully voters will have the chance to take majority control away from Reid and his caucus in just 21 months.