The Peak has been in correspondence with a few members of the Capitol media who seem to be at least a little irritated with us for sharing our frustration with them for not covering John Morse Per Diem Gate.

First, almost all of the Capitol Press Crew are pros, especially those who have reached out to us. In fact, they are among the most conscientious and respected. We don't broadly dislike or distrust them. As we said, they are pros.

We do, though, question their obstinate refusal to even raise what is quite patently a bona fide issue. Even if Morse didn't break the law (and we think he might have), this story deserves to be vetted — allegations made, and defenses rendered.

One comment we've heard from two different reporters is that they don't have time to fact check Colorado Government Accountability Project's work, as if that ever stopped the press from writing about Ethics Watch’s liberal garble-dee-gook.

But still, we will take this bone of contention at face value, and we will make it very clear.

Click here to see John Morse's claim that he was due per diem on December 8-10, 2009.

Click here to see John Morse's calendar, which shows he was in San Diego on a junket during that time period. He claims to be in the Capitol for December 8, even though his flight left DIA at 11 am. 

Click here to see John Morse's claim that he was due per diem on November 9-15, 2009, claiming “constituent work” as the reason.

And click here to see that Morse was kickin' it abroad on a paid junket to China. We didn't realize SD 11 reached that far.

There is more to the scandal than this, but these two dates are an ethical cream pie in John Morse's prima facie. If collecting per diem while on an already paid-for junket isn't a violation of the Legislature's per diem rules, then there is no such thing.