In a fawning interview with the Pueblo Chieftain, new Democrat Party Chair Rick Palacio made a comment that struck us as one of the bigger whoppers we've heard in a while.

While talking about the losses incurred by Democrats in the last cycle, Palacio had the gall to claim "Democrats will never be in the position of financial advantage for outside money that Republicans have."

Rick — you ever read a little tome called The Blueprint? It kind of got a little attention here in Colorado.

Never heard of the AFSCME? They were the biggest spender of any outside group last election. 

What is so galling about this claim is not only do Democrats have the resources to compete, especially in outside money, but Democrats in Colorado practically invented the game of outside money. A few billionaires have virtually single handedly funded the campaigns of Democrats since 2004.

Palacio is either flat out lying, and a poorly constructed lie at that, or he is unbelievably ignorant of how elections have worked in the last decade in Colorado.

Either way, Palacio is showing himself to be out of his league already.

If you’re going to lie, at least make it plausible…