Getting right to the point, former President Clinton last Friday called Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Obama's drilling permit policy "ridiculous."

Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber

At the VIP conference that was supposed to be off the record, Clinton spoke following former President Bush and surprised attendees by saying he agreed with Bush on the need to expand drilling and speed up the "ridiculously slow" process in permitting.

Salazar has now been publicly harangued in a major way twice over his inability to properly process new drilling permits in the Gulf. In early February a federal judge held Salazar's Interior Department in contempt for its "increasingly inexcusable" delays in processing permits. 

The two former presidents both generally agreed on the need to get offshore drilling workers back on the job.  Clinton and Bush also agreed on the need for more domestic shale gas production, with Clinton noting that it has been done safely for years in his home state of Arkansas.

We pointed out a few weeks ago the idiocy of Salazar's oil shale policy as well as Salazar's complete misunderstanding of basic facts about oil production in the Gulf.

Now that former President Clinton has joined the side sitting opposite Salazar on the see-saw, it's pretty clear he's failing and flailing about at Interior. 

With the Washington Post piece covering the Obama administration's anonymous sources giving Salazar less than glowing reviews of his tenure, this gives new Chief of Staff William Daley one more reason to shove Salazar out of the Cabinet. 

Salazar's stock is falling faster than housing prices in 2008.