In a stunningly tone-deaf vote last night, Denver Mayoral candidates Michael Hancock and Doug Linkhart voted to raise their own salaries on the City Council.

Just a "Little Raise" Linkhart
Dumb and Dumber

We just couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this. 

Denver City Council members already make $78,173 plus another $30,000 in benefits — far more than any other city in Colorado. They voted to increase their salaries to $83,332, which is about double what the average private sector employee earns. 

Denver is cutting its school budget but giving raises to its politicians.

More Money for Me, Less for You

They vote to freeze government employee salaries, except their own. 

This vote really makes us think that Linkhart and Hancock have thrown in the towel on their candidacies. Because at this point they're done.  

No voter will look at the budget issues and agree it was right to pay politicians more, but cut funding for books.