State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray) introduced a bill today to give Colorado the respect it deserves in the Presidential nominating process. Previously Colorado's multi-step process that ended very late in the nominating process ensured that candidates did not pay much attention to the Centennial State.

This will all change if Brophy's bill passes and the February precinct caucus results are binding on delegates to their respective Party conventions.

Former State Senate Majority Leader Mark Hillman praised the bill saying that "it's high time we 'caucus for keeps' in Colorado. Voters should know that their vote on caucus night isn't just a straw poll." 

Precinct caucuses in the past have suffered from anemic turnout when compared to primaries, partially because it is part of such a confusing and convoluted process that looks like Chinese algebra to most voters. 

Having the precinct caucus vote results become the de facto election for Presidential primaries would encourage higher attendance, and force candidates to campaign and pay more attention to Colorado voters.

Unlike the early vote states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Colorado is a key battleground in the General Election. Upping the importance of Colorado in the primary would serve to further empower Colorado voters. 

We urge the Legislature to pass this important legislation.