We admire political guts when we see it, and so we give a special nod to House Majority Leader Amy Stephens.

Stephens, the top GOP health care mind in Colorado politics today, has led the push to peal Colorado from the ravenous grip of Obamacare.

As the Denver Post points out this morning, Stephens is running several measures to get Colorado out of Barack Obama's government run health care scheme.

But Stephens is also smart enough to know that there are solutions out there that are worth exploring, only from the bottom-up, not Washington, DC downward.

And so Stephens is working with Democrat Senator Betty Boyd on creating a state connector system, an approach used by bright red Republican states like Utah to connect the uninsured with private health insurance providers.

Whether or not this approach is the right one, we'll leave to the policy experts to debate and the legislature to decide.

But we salute Stephens for branding the GOP in Colorado as being a party that stands for health care reform, even as they spend political capital aplenty trying to make sure that Obamacare isn't the health care we have to live (or die) with.

The political optics were terrific for Stephens and the GOP in the Denver Post this morning, a just reward for an emerging star in the GOP who isn't afraid to show real leadership when it matters most.