Infamous turncoat Debbie Stafford is planning to run for mayor of Aurora, according to the Colorado Statesman. Stafford notoriously defected from the Republican Party while still a State Representative in 2007, claiming she didn't like the feedback from her fellow Republicans over a vote that would have enriched trial lawyers.

The bill that she supported, against conservative common sense, would have made it easier to sue builders over construction defects and was designed to line the pockets of Democrat trial lawyer donors. Republicans were upset with her vote and let her know. Unable to deal with the feedback, Stafford fled the party into the warm embrace of the Democrats.

She is now attempting to run in the non-partisan Aurora mayor's race, though she may have confused non-partisan with multi-partisan. In a town with a history of electing Republican mayors, a turncoat will probably not play very well.

One thing that may continue to dog Stafford throughout this race is how she spends her campaign cash. After an ethics complaint was filed in 2007 over a questionable post-election expense, Stafford can be sure her campaign finance reports will be closely scrutinized.