Yesterday, Campaigns & Elections magazine, the campaign staffer's trade magazine, came out with a list of who they thought were the most influential Republicans and Democrats in Colorado politics.

(PDF here and online list without detail here)

The list was surprisingly detailed and thorough. The C&E staffer who wrote this clearly did a lot of homework in developing this exhaustive slate.

While we don't want to rain on anybody's parade who made the list by arguing they don't belong, we do want to point out a few they missed. We encourage our readers to sound off below in the comments on whom else C&E missed. 

1. Shawn Mitchell — Nobody with a Facebook account could deny that Mitchell has an exceptionally influential role in shaping the debate amongst the conservative grassroots. Mitchell also played a very influential role in last year's US Senate primary and may prove to be a large force in this weekend's GOP Chair race as well.

Our list of missing names continues after the jump…

2. Michael Sandoval — Any conservative with even the least bit of interest in the 2010 election was reading his posts on National Review. Sandoval is a Colorado reporter with a national audience. C&E got it right with Todd Shepherd, but missed the full picture without Sandoval. 

3. David Harsanyi / Vincent Carroll — The two Denver Post columnists were Colorado's chief conservative commentators in 2010 and for years have had a large influence on conservative thought in Colorado. Harsanyi may be leaving, but his impact will remain for years. 

4. Mark Hillman — While not a candidate this previous cycle, Hillman continues to be both a key behind the scenes voice and an influential public persona on the radio. He was one of the few conservative rockstars mentioned for a possible GOP Governor nominee if McInnis and Maes dropped out of the race. 

5. Lu Busse — Chair of the 9/12 Project Colorado Coalition, Lu Busse is a name you might recognize if you've read about grassroots politics in Colorado. National news media consistently quote both Busse and Lesley Hollywood of the Northern Colorado Tea Party when looking for analysis on grassroots feedback.