In a poll released by Denver-based RBI Strategies, and funded by ColoradoPols, former State Senator Chris Romer is leading both among Republicans and the wider electorate.

Romer leads the field with 22%, with his closest competitors James Meija and Michael Hancock garnering 10% and 9% respectively.

Among Republicans, which account for 22% of the poll and 19% of active registered voters in Denver as of March 1, Romer leads with 15%. A whopping 47% of GOP poll respondents are still undecided in the race. 

19% may be a small portion of the electorate, but in a multi-candidate field a bloc of voters that size can make or break a candidate. 

Unaffiliateds are also undecided at 50%. They make up nearly 27% of active registered voters in Denver.

What this means is that while Romer may hold a significant lead over his closest competitors, no candidate has this race in the bag. The candidates have clearly ignored vital swing constituencies in GOP and Unaffiliated voters. 

Advice to the candidates: opposing secure communities and voting for your own pay raises are two ways not to appeal to those constituencies. 

Big ad buys are beginning to hit Denver voters' TV screens, so this race has a lot left in it. Keep checking back at The Peak for updates on how the candidates are faring with conservatives.