Carol Chambers, the District Attorney whose district includes Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties has recently instituted an innovative policy to help improve conviction rates at trial.

Chambers is offering her felony prosecutors an average bonus of $1,100 if they achieve at least a 70% conviction rate from participation in a minimum of five trials a year. As the Denver Post article points out, this kind of incentive is commonly offered in the private sector. 

We applaud Chambers' attempt at bringing an innovative policy to the decidedly uninnovative sector of government. It's too early to tell if it will meet with great success, as the policy is barely a year old, but we are encouraged to see some outside-the-box thinking. 

Liberals have predictably howled outrage, claiming this policy will mean prosecutors will push harder to convict innocent people.

Yes, because prosecutors are money grubbing lawyers just in it for the cash, justice be damned. That's why they turned down the 300k a year private firm position.  

We guess liberals would rather have criminals get off with a rap on the knuckles instead of having to go to trial where they can face more serious punishment.  

It's not like a higher trial conviction rate would give prosecutors a stronger hand in the cases they do plea bargain. Better to encourage them to do their jobs half-assed and call it good.