Marianne Goodland, of the Colorado Statesman, wrote an article today that crossed the line of journalistic ethics.

In a piece ostensibly about the ethics complaint over Senator John Morse's per diem payments getting assigned to a bipartisan ethics committee for further investigation, Goodland uses the majority of her column to attack Stephanie Cegielski of the Colorado Government Accountability Project

Goodland doesn't even finish her second sentence before she draws a line in the sand and stands on the side of blindingly obvious bias.  She describes CGAP as:

“a conservative non-profit that investigates alleged Democratic wrong-doing. The founder of CoGAP, Stephanie Cegielski, is a former employee of the Secretary of State’s office who is tied to Republican activists, conservative blogs, and the current Secretary of State. To date, CoGAP, which claims it is non-partisan, has filed complaints only against Democrats or organizations linked to Democrats.”

Yet every article we found of Goodland's that includes a mention of Colorado Ethics Watch (CEW), CGAP's oversight cousin, has no disclaimer that they are a liberal organization that only sues Republicans and conservative causes.

It's bad enough that Goodland uses her article to engage in partisan hackery by attacking an organization before even addressing the complaint they brought forward, but Goodland spills an inordinate amount of ink throughout the rest of the article seeking to discredit Ms. Cegielski personally. 

This article is the piece-de-resistance of Goodland's shillery for liberal causes and displays her utter lack of journalistic integrity. Perhaps she'd be better suited working for the Colorado “Independent” than the Colorado Statesman, which we usually find to be a great publication of high standards.