Yesterday, the Larimer GOP elected former CD4 Congressional candidate and CU Board of Regents member Tom Lucero as Chairman in an election with CSU doctoral student Brian Wilson.
Wilson headed up Larimer County for Ken Buck's campaign last cycle, which some say was the county that single-handedly gave Buck the nomination. 
But Lucero was the choice of Larimer Republicans. 
They've been in a bit of a bind ever since it came out that former Chairman Larry Carillo had never filed campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State's office for the GOP committee and ignored the warning letters he received about the past due reports. If all the fines are upheld against the Larimer GOP, they could be fined up to $48,700 — the largest such fine in Colorado history. 
The GOP county committee is also $11,000 in debt, which while bad is less than the Larimer Dems who are $15,000 in debt.
Lucero is savvy, smart, very political and puts an unassuming and kind face on a brass tacks partisan style. Not only will he balance the books, he will also kick the living shiz-nit out of the Democrats.

While a CU Regent, Lucero pushed to fire Ward Churchill, proving he's willing to take on big fights. He was a consistent ally of Bruce Benson and Hank Brown before, helping bring conservative leadership to the decidedly unconservative university. 
His biggest rap, our sources tell us, is that he was too political as a Regent.  Well now he need not feel that constraint. A smart partisan is exactly what Larimer County needs. And in Tom Lucero, it is exactly what they got.